A few months ago it was announced that just as The Last of Us was adapted into a TV series by HBO, God of War will have a similar treatment, only Amazon Studios will be in charge of said adaptation. Since the moment the news broke, fans have begun to speculate who should take the leading roles, and several names have appeared among the preferences of the community.

Although among fans and actors it has been thought that the voices of the video game should repeat their roles in the adaptation to TV of the PlayStation game, others think of important Hollywood actors. A group of fans expressed their interest because the actor and ex-wrestler Dave Bautista would be suitable for the role of Kratos, for which the Comicbook medium prepared a note in this regard, all so that when the Kratos actor in the videogames expressed his disapproval.

… and it has been said that I am not good at understanding signs…

Actor Christopher Judge said in another tweet: “don’t get me wrong, I think Dave Bautista is great, but…” expressing his clear disagreement with fans who want Bautista to be Kratos, but also did not express who he would like to see take the character or if he himself would like to take the role he did in the Santa Monica Studio game.

Dave Bautista is also the fans’ choice for the Gears of War series
Regardless of whether or not they end up casting Dave Bautista as Kratos – who was already mistaken for the god of war in Guardians of the Galaxy – the actor is very popular among gamers, who ask him to star in the Gears of War series. that Netflix is producing. In the case of said series, Bautista did express his interest in being part of the project, while in the case of God of War he has not expressed himself.

In other God of War series news, we already know that he won’t be reprising the classic God of War saga on PlayStation, pointing more to the reboot of the series in Norse mythology that we had in 2018.


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