Build Alpha Duke Nukem 3D Remake – The old school FPS game Duke Nukem 3D does have charm its own, especially in the characterization of the main character and the gameplay that makes the game have loyal fans around the world.

Alpha Duke Nukem 3D Remake Build Has One Completed Developed Map

Recently, a Youtuber revealed an alpha build of the Duke Nukem 3D remake game which was canceled back in 2010. A Youtuber named pagb666 uploaded a video of himself trying to build an alpha entitled Duke Nukem 3D Reloaded.

Unmitigated, he also toured the Hollywood Holocaust map which had been completed but was still empty and there were no enemies at all, he also had time to use some of the weapons he had made. In that video, he also enters the tesmap which is usually used by developers to try out the source code or features that have been made.

Meanwhile, pagb666’s video description explains that he plays version 0.001 which was developed by Interceptor Entertainment in 2010, which has now changed its name to Slipgate Ironworks. Unfortunately development had to stop not long after build version 0.001 was completed.

Comments on the pagb666 video were filled with fans who thought that this remake version was better than Duke Nukem Forever which was considered the worst series and tarnished Duke Nukem’s name. The funny thing is, some comments also attribute the similarity of Duke Nukem 3D Remake to Unreal Tournament 3.

While in the same year as the development of the reloaded version, the Forever version developed by Gearbox Software drew a lot of harsh criticism from its fans and was considered the end of the Duke Nukem era itself.

The 1996 Duke Nukem Forever prototype also leaked

Not only the reloaded version which was developed in 2010, last week there was also a leak of the Duke Nukem Forever prototype gameplay which was developed in 1996. It was leaked by an user named x0r_jmp.

What’s interesting about this prototype is that the game plan is in the form of a side scrolling shooter like the Contra game which is well known among old Indonesian gamers. Just like Duke Nukem 3D Reloaded, this 1996 prototype also has an editor mode for developers to test what they’ve been working on.

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