Since its release last September 2020, Genshin Impact is clearly one of the biggest live-service games ever. Of course, with the large player base, this game made by miHoYo certainly has players with various backgrounds. Starting from teenagers to parents with professions, a professor is no exception. Because a student found his professor giving lecture assignments with Genshin Impact elements in it.

A Reddit user named u/kevinkassimo shared a post r/Genshin_Impact titled ‘when a university professor is also a Genshin fan‘. In the post, Kevin got a programming assignment from a university professor with Genshin Impact elements in it, which had to make a list of names, character rarities, what elements, weapon names, and regions the characters come from.

After further search, this coursework came from Michigan State University Computer Science Study Program. This post succeeded in inviting laughter from users with 4.1K upvotes.

The comments on the posts also showed amused reactions and some even hoped that something like this would be on their school assignments. It’s true, incorporating a hobby into a job doesn’t feel like a heavy task, let alone using video game elements.

The name of incorporating elements of a game into a task is nothing new. However, things like this show that Genshin Impact has diverse and creative fans. Moreover, this came from a university professor who is generally attached to a personality that is far from the world of video games.

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