Focus Entertainment has announced that Sean Brennan will replace Christophe Nobileau as the company’s new CEO.

This information was announced by Focus Entertainment through their website. If you are interested in the state of the video game industry, you can see our other articles here.

Sean Brennan Jadi CEO Focus Entertainment

Sean Brennan, former managing director at Bethesda Softworks, has stepped in as CEO to help Focus Entertainment “achieve its strategic ambitions” which will involve “delivering the Group’s most ambitious new line of games ever”.

Previously, Brennan had responsible international publishing duties for 14 years at ZeniMax Media on titles such as The Elder Scrolls Online and franchises like The Evil Within and Dishonored.

Brennan’s predecessor, Christophe Nobileau, will remain with Focus Entertainment as Deputy CEO. Nobileau has been CEO for the company since October 2020.

I am excited to join Focus Entertainment as their CEO at a time when the fundamentals are in place and rely on the management team to accelerate the company’s growth with the active support of its largest shareholder Neology Holding, a subsidiary of FLCP.

I am very excited to develop a brand new, high quality, new IP that will provide a great gaming experience while creating value for the company.

Sean Brennan, CEO of Focus Entertainment

We are excited to welcome Sean Brennan as our new CEO. I have known Sean personally for 25 years and I believe that his in-depth knowledge of the industry, successful track record and leadership skills are considerable assets in accelerating the group’s growth on a global scale.

In my new role as Vice Chairman, I will focus my efforts on assisting Sean in the execution of his external growth strategy.

Frank Sagnier, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the External Growth Strategy Committee at Focus Entertainment

I am very grateful to Fabrice Larue and the entire Board of Directors for the trust placed in me over the last and renewed years in my new function.

I, along with John Bert, are very pleased to welcome Sean, who shares my vision and ambition with all of us, and with whom we will ensure the development of the Group with all the team.

Focus Entertainment continues to grow stronger and puts in place the means to serve its ambitions: welcome Sean!

Christophe Nobileau, Deputy CEO of Focus Entertainment

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