Free Fire’s Strongest Weapon is something that you must know as a Free Fire game player. The reason is by using the strongest weapon, you can get victory more easily.
In the Free Fire game itself, there are so many types of weapons, from Riffles, SMGs, Shotguns to Snipers. Each weapon has different abilities and advantages.

For this reason, in this discussion, Global Web Wire will share with you a list of the strongest weapons in the newest Free Fire 2023. These strongest weapons are usually the mainstay of pro players in slaughtering their enemies. So keep reading for the full review in this article until it’s finished, Gamers friends.

Free Fire’s Strongest Weapon

Here’s a list of the newest 2023 FF strongest weapons:


Groza is one of the strongest weapons in Free Fire, you can only find this weapon in the Supply box. The damage done by Groza’s weapons is no joke, you can kill enemies very quickly using Groza.
Even so, the recoil from Groza is quite large and difficult to control. If you shoot consecutively, the bullets will miss in random directions.

Damage 61
Distance 75
Magazine 38
Rate of Fire 56
accuracy 54


Next is the SKS, a weapon known for its enormous damage and being able to kill enemies very quickly. Those who are able to use SKS will be able to do headshots easily.
But you have to be able to control the SKS recoil if you want to maximize its potential. Because the recoil of this weapon is very large, so it is difficult to control.

Damage 82
Distance 82
Magazine 18
Rate of Fire 35
accuracy 51


SCAR is the best weapon in Free Fire that most players use. This weapon is capable of dealing great damage with a very fast shooting speed.
What’s more, the recoil of the SCAR weapon is quite light and easy to control. That’s why many players like and often use this weapon.

Damage 53
Distance 68
Magazine 30
Rate of Fire 61
accuracy 42

Charge Buster

Charge Buster is one of the strongest Shotgun type weapons in Free Fire. The charging system that can add accuracy and range to the Charge Buster is enough to make players overwhelmed every time they fight a user carrying a Charge Buster.

Damage 100
Distance 18
Magazine 3
Rate of Fire 44
accuracy 31


M1187, a weapon that is often called the One-Shot Killer, is also one of the best weapons in FF. With a very high amount of damage, it is even capable of killing enemies with just one shot at close range.

Damage 100
Distance 21
Magazine 2
Rate of Fire 42
accuracy 18


For those of you who like close combat, you can use the MP40. This SMG type weapon has great damage and a very fast shooting speed.
But to be able to do a lot of damage, you have to be able to shoot lots of bullets at enemies.

Damage 48
Distance 22
Magazine 28
Rate of Fire 83
accuracy 17


M82B, this one weapon is perfect for those of you who like to play as Support who use long-range weapons, namely Snipers.
By using the M82B, you can easily kill enemies from a distance. Even the Gloo Wall will break through when it encounters this one weapon.

Damage 98
Distance 85
Magazine 8
Rate of Fire 27
accuracy 98



This is the list of the strongest weapons in Free Fire for 2023, we hope that the information we provide can be useful and useful. Keep visiting Global Web Wire so you don’t miss other updated information about Free Fire Tips from us.

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