Zuma Game Facts — Do any of you know the game? Zuma? Yup, this frog game became legendary in popularity in the 90-2000s. Many several gamer who come to the internet cafe to play this one game.

This one game can be played by anyone. Children, young and old alike, can play the game with frogs as their main face. However, do you know what are the facts related to this game? Here we provide 7 facts about the zuma frog game for those of you who like nostalgia!

Zuma Frog Game Interesting Facts

Zuma Game Facts
Frog Zuma game facts

These are the facts about Zuma, the legendary nostalgic game that you should know when you want to reminisce!

1. What is Zuma?

Zuma Game Facts

Before getting into some of the game facts, Zuma is a game that was released last December 2003. Developed by Oberon Media and published by PopCap Games, themed games puzzle this is served with gameplay simple one.

How to play this game is quite easy. All you have to do is shoot a few balls of the same color to create one combo and get a high score.

The higher your level, the faster the ball is released to make the game fun and not boring. This is what makes many people addicted to playing games Zuma.

2. Game Themed Aztecs

Zuma Game Facts
Game rich in the theme of the Aztecs

This game is synonymous with the Aztecs, where the tribe is the oldest tribe on earth and had a civilization that was quite advanced in its day. Can be seen from the start menu and score screen there is a pyramid called Teotihuacan and believed to be the birthplace of the gods of the Aztecs.

In addition, the names in this game are taken from the unique culture of the Aztecs. Like the Zukulkan Temple from the name Kukulkan, the pattern of the ball route taken from the Gods Quetzalcoatl and Ehecatl, until the Aztecs were famous as the most cruel tribe in their time, where they often sacrificed people to be dedicated to the gods.

3. Contains Adventure Stories

Zuma Game Facts
Adventure Mode for you who want adventure

In the sequel Zuma’s Revenge (2009), this game has an adventure story related to a Polynesian island, where the island is ruled by Zhaka Mu, the god of anger. Later, this game will present various battles with several gods, where you can enjoy this story in mode Adventure.

4. About the Zuma Frog

Zuma Game Facts
The frog is considered a symbol of fertility

This game is famous for the frog as its official icon. This frog functions to shoot various colored balls at a row of balls in each pattern stage. According to the history of the Aztecs, it turns out that frogs have their own meaning in that tribe.

They believe that the frog is a symbol of fertility, water, and also rain. In addition, they also believe that the frog is a symbol of a woman who is giving birth, where the frog can release eggs in large quantities and the posture of the frog looks like a squatting woman who is giving birth.

5. Nominated in Game of the Year 2003 and 2004

Zuma Game Facts
Was nominated for GOTY in 2003 and 2004

The two games (Zuma and Zuma’s Revenge) itself actually got a positive response, you know. So positive, this game is included in the nomination Puzzle Game of the Year in Computer Gaming World (2003) and RealArcade (2004).

Unfortunately, even though it was nominated for a prestigious event, this game never received an award due to the intense competition in that era.

6. Game Favorit Bill Gates

Zuma Game Facts
Bill Gates said his favorite game is Zuma

Although simple, it turns out that Bill Gates, Co-founder from Microsoft admits that this frog game is his favorite game. This was revealed through IGN’s interview on Xbox Live Arcade with creator Greg Canessa (2017).

In the interview, Canessa said Bill Gates is gamer casual and his favorite game is Zuma. He also said that Gates could play this game with his children (who were still small at that time) on weekends. In addition, Gates was quite interested in the game so that he was credited with one of the game modes, namely the color blind mode because Bill and Melinda Gates are color blind.

7. Becoming a Competition for Civil Servants

Zuma Game Facts
Game fathers – fathers of real civil servants

Apart from getting a good response from Bill Gates, it turns out that this game has also received enthusiasm from the game community. It is proven that ASN E-sport Indonesia includes games Zuma as a branch of e-sports for Indonesian Civil Servants (PNS) at the ASN E-Sport Festival 2022.

This game was lined up as a sport because Zuma become a game that is often played by civil servants. With medium to low PC specifications, it’s no wonder this frog game becomes their friend in their spare time. Because of this, finally came a joke “You’re not a civil servant if you haven’t played the Zuma game.”

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