We are finally at the end of December, which means that this will be the last anime RPG mobile game revenue report article before the 2023 edition. Then how is the competition? You could say that the fourth week in December 2022 is indeed more interesting and quite unexpected, especially from a number of games that have climbed drastically to the top positions thanks to the release of new year’s updates which are abundant in content.

As usual, all the data we collect is based on a combination of each game version on the Android and iOS platforms for various regions. This is because there are several mobile games with different versions specifically for Global, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean releases. Of course there are some games that get immediate global release so we only need to list one version. Here are the full details:

Anime RPG Mobile Game Revenue – Fourth Week of December 2022

  1. Genshin Impact – $44 million
  2. Goddess of Victory: NOD – $10 million
  3. Fate/Grand Order – $10 million
  4. Azur Lane – $9.2 million
  5. The Eminence in Shadow RPG – $3.4 million
  6. Memento Mori – $2.7 million
  7. Tower of Fantasy – $2.6 million
  8. Arknights – $1.8 million
  9. Honkai Impact 3rd – $1.7 milliom
  10. Path to Nowhere – $1.2 million

This week, Genshin Impact’s revenue has doubled thanks to the release of the Raiden Shogun and Ayato rerun banners, while Fate/Grand Order, which once held second place, has finally been replaced by Goddess of Victory: NIKKE. Even so, the two have relatively very close income.

Azur Lane, which often occupies the lowest position, has finally shot high thanks to the release of the Parallel Superimposition update, new skin offers, and lots of other tempting year-end content. No less interesting is The Eminence in Shadow RPG, which over the past few weeks has been in quite good demand, reaching 1 million downloads, especially in the region of Japan which contributes the most revenue.

This week’s The Eminence in Shadow RPG has finally managed to occupy the Top 7 position with a pretty solid income

Meanwhile, for Arknights, which has started to bounce from the Top 7 position, this is not so surprising because its revenue data is only dominated when this game is in a dead week. Since then we’ve finally got the Lingering Echoes update, so revenue is likely to pick up again next week. Likewise with Goddess of Victory: NIKKE which will soon have the Modernia banner in early January.

We have converted the data above directly to IDR to make it easier to see and is a combination of all regions. Mobile RPG’s revenue data we took it through the AppMagic platform on December 30, 2022 for timeframe 23 – 29 December 2022.

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