The rappers 50 Cent and Eminem are already working on a television adaptation of the 2002 film “8 Mile”, and although it would not have as dramatic content as the film, it will show a lot of content related to rap culture.

More than 20 years ago, Eminem starred in the movie “8 Mile”, which was a worldwide hit in theaters, but he was also a key player in the launch of rapper 50 Cent. Now both have joined forces to bring a series based on the famous film directed by Curtis Hanson to the small screen.

In an interview with BigBoyTV, 50 Cent (real name Curtis Jackson) spoke about the project: “We’re moving…it’s going to be big. I think (the show) should be there because of (Eminem’s) legacy, as it’s important to me that people understand it. It’s a modern version.” Although the “8 Mile” series will not feature many of the dramatic elements of the film, it will showcase urban culture and club rap battles.

In “8 Mile” Eminem played Jimmy, a young man who begins to write his own rhymes, seeking to stand out in the world of rap; in 2003 the artist won the Oscar in the category of Best Original Song for “Lose yourself”, a number 1 hit on Billboard. As for the television series, it will be aimed at both the new generations and the rapper’s loyal fans: “I want to be able to show and offer many more details… You will see that these things will emerge in the temperament of the characters,” concluded 50 Cent.

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