Ranked is the mode most often played by Free Fire game players. Ranking itself is very important among Free Fire game players. The higher the rank reached, the better a player’s performance would be.

Getting victory while playing ranked mode in Free Fire itself is not an easy thing. Because it’s not only you who seek victory, but the enemy must also seek victory.
For that, we will share with you some tips on how to win Free Fire in Ranked. So keep watching the discussion in this article until it’s finished, dear gamers.

How to Win Free Fire in Ranked Mode

Here are some Free Fire tips and tricks to win matches that you can use when playing.

1. Use the Right Characters

In Free Fire, we can choose the character we want to play during the game. Each character has their own skills and abilities.
Therefore, before starting the match, make sure that you have used the right character. Whether a character is good or not depends on how you use it and make the most of its potential.
You also have to learn about the skills and abilities of other characters. That way, when you meet an enemy using another character, you know how to fight him.

2. Use the Weapons You Master

Each weapon in Free Fire has different mechanics, damage and recoil.
If you are a player who likes close combat, then you should use Shotguns and SMGs.
Meanwhile, for medium distances, you can use Rifle weapons and for long distances, you can use Sniper weapons.
Of course you can’t use all weapons, because you can only carry 2 weapons when playing. For that, use weapons that you have mastered just according to how you play.

3. Choose a Good Landing Place

The next way to win Free Fire that you can use is to choose a good landing spot. It doesn’t need a crowded or quiet place, as long as the place has a good amount of loot.
It is more advisable to choose a landing place that is far from where the plane started. It’s better to choose a place that is quite far from the plane’s path so that you can get the loot first.
Don’t run away from the enemy, if you already have adequate weapon loot. So look for enemies and chase kills, because if you are afraid, it will be difficult for you to fight enemies, so you will find it difficult to get victory.

4. Find Shelter

When playing, don’t go to an open place because it’s easy for enemies to find and kill. Look for a place that has shelter such as a tree, large rock, or a house.
Don’t forget to always carry a Gloo Wall so that you always have a shelter even in an open place.

5. Always pay attention to the Map and Mini Map

You can also use the Free Fire Map Strategy to win matches. Don’t be blind to the map, pay attention to where the zone is going and the location you are going to go to next.
Pay attention to the mini map that can be used to tell if there are enemies near you or not.


Those are the tips and tricks on how to win Free Fire in Ranked mode for Booyah, I hope the information we provide can be useful and useful. Keep visiting Global Web Wire so you don’t miss other updated information about Free Fire Tips from us.

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